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Hotel Les Trois Palmiers

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Hotel Les Trois Palmiers

Ξενοδοχείο 3 αστέρων στο Μαρακές

Το Hotel Les Trois Palmiers απέχει μόλις λίγα λεπτά από το Αεροδρόμιο Menara του Μαρακές. Διαθέτει εξωτερική πισίνα και τα περισσότερα δωμάτια έχουν μπαλκόνι ή βεράντα.

Τα ευρύχωρα δωμάτια στο Hotel Les Trois Palmiers είναι κλιματιζόμενα και είναι διακοσμημένα σε μοντέρνο ύφος. Όλα διαθέτουν τηλεόραση επίπεδης οθόνης με δορυφορικά κανάλια και μίνι μπαρ.

Το Hotel Les Trois Palmiers προσφέρει 2 εστιατόρια. Οι επισκέπτες μπορούν να απολαύσουν διεθνή κουζίνα στο Le Contintental ή παραδοσιακή μαροκινή κουζίνα στο Le Tayfour. Υπάρχει επίσης ένα σνακ μπαρ, το Kech Delight, το οποίο προσφέρει ελαφριά κουζίνα και διαιτητικές επιλογές.

Οι πρόσθετες παροχές στο Hotel Les Trois Palmiers περιλαμβάνουν ηλιόλουστη βεράντα και σαλόνι. Στους κοινόχρηστους χώρους του ξενοδοχείου διατίθεται δωρεάν WiFi, ενώ κατόπιν αιτήματος παρέχονται μασάζ και περιποιήσεις σώματος στο δωμάτιό σας.

Το Hotel Les Trois Palmiers απέχει λιγότερο από 10 λεπτά με το αυτοκίνητο από το κέντρο του Μαρακές και την περιοχή της Μεδίνας.


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Σχόλια πελατών

Mauri & Saskia 5 /5

The Riad "Les trois palmiers" is incredibly beautiful and the people are enormously hospitable. It has a beautiful roof terrace from which you can see the city. The rooms are so beautifully orietnatlisch designed and we felt we at home.We can recommend the riad to anyone traveling to Marrakech.

Mariam D 4 /5

We spent 4 nights at Les Trois Palmiers. The staff were helpful and friendly.Breakfasts very good especially the coffee. lunches a bit limited. The hotel is in a back street very close to the place de 16 Novembre,

Arcaneind Orangeville 4 /5

A nice hotel that is the new part of town near the train station. Great location and the room was well equipped and actually had a safe. Didn't use the pool but sitting by it enjoying my coffee was nice. Breakfast service was average. Everything was very clean and nothing seemed dated.

Catherine F Bristol 4 /5

Stayed for 2 nights whilst travelling around Morocco. A short taxi ride from the train station in Gueliz. Lots of shops and restaurants within a few minutes walk. The medina is about 30 mins walk or a short taxi ride. Bedroom was large and the bed was huge and very comfortable. Had a small balcony which was nice too. Good bathroom. Breakfast was a simple buffet. All tasted good except could have done with some fruit. All the staff were friendly and helpful. One reason we booked the hotel was because we wanted to stay somewhere with a pool. However it was freezing cold as the sun isn't on it for long.

HoustonRambler Houston 5 /5

This is a wonderful hotel on a quiet street. But you can walk to the Jemma El Fna, the old city, museums, etc. or catch a cab easily. Wonderful restaurants, stores, a mall and bakeries nearby. The staff was excellent, friendly and helpful and many spoke English and were happy to assist with our limited French. breakfast was good and the room was comfortable and clean...and quiet which is sometimes hard to come by in Marrakech. Would recommened

Marek P Adelaide 4 /5

We stayed here for 2 nights as part of our tour. The hotel is located in a very good part of Marrakesch with a deli/laundromat/bakeries/and bars close by. The hotel is clean and the staff were friendly. Our room was quite nice which consisted of a bathroom with shower and toilet, a big comfy bed, a balcony/ledge enough for 1 – 2 people to stand on. The AC worked well. The famous Jemma El Fna is located approx. 40 minute walk (but lots of taxi's and buses if that your preference). The walk was lovely along the main street with plenty of food and drink options close by (coffee shops/pizza places/McDonalds/KFC just to name a few). The hotel has a swimming pool. Breakfast was included in our stay and it was nice, plenty of choice and nice hot coffee. The WIFI had good reception. Would stay here again if visiting Marrakesch.

Salim Copenhagen 4 /5

Had a nice stay at this hotel, the breakfast wasn't a big deal, I want to emphasize the Staff were all helpful from the receptionist to the housekeeping to the technicians especially ADIL who was always smiling and available as i had trouble understanding how the safe works, I made him come up twice, he still kept smiling and explaining to me how it works. My message to the management you have a great staff which is a big asset for your business.

Regina 3 /5

For the cost this hotel is perfect. The room was clean but missing nicer touches like bottled water but there was a miny bar. I had a room facing the main and next to the lift so it was a little noisey. Towels etc provided and the shower was nice and hot. Breakfast was pretty good a selection of pastries, fruit and cold meats and cheeses even some scrambled eggs. Its a shame about the location of the pool and the high walls surrounding as it doesn't get much sunlight. I would d stay again, staff were helpful and friendly.

Kelly A 5 /5

A relaxing oasis in an exhilarating city. A clean, modern hotel and conveniently located - walking distance to some outstanding shopping. In the heat of the day, take a dip in the pool. Or sample food from the wonderful menu.

kezzaloveslife Byron Bay 4 /5

Stayed here two nights as part of a tour. So comfortable... incredibly wonderful hot shower with good water flow and a shower head that stayed on! This hotel was located close to everything yet in a quite one way street. Inside the decor is lovely, the staff very helpful and the rooms quite comfortable. For once the beds weren't rock hard so we got a good nights sleep both nights but it was the wonderful shower that won it for me. Breakfast was basic but good however, some fresh fruit would have been nice.

Blobber Worcester 4 /5

Clean, tidy, good staff, nice room with comfortable beds. Water was hot, breakfast Buffett had quite a wide choice (no fruit though, a personal choice)As the location was back a couple of streets from a Main Street it was lovely and quiet. There’s also a small pool. It’s about 2km to the main central square from this area, it’s easy to get a bus or taxi. Using taxis get a cost before getting onboard and ask someone you can trust for an estimated cost for the trip, as usual meters often disappear for tourists

Stacey1215 Vancouver 4 /5

I really enjoyed my stay here, I actually just checked out this morning. Rooms were large, wi fi worked in the rooms, elevator to get up and down and centrally located. It was a straightforward walk to the Médina and the Jardins Marjorelle. Safe area and quiet at night which was nice after Fes. Loads of restaurants and small shops nearby and only a 5 minute walk from major shopping centre.

davereeder2017 Bristol 5 /5

Great value hotel good location to the main shopping street if that’s what you want.My friends and I used it as a start and finish point for a motorcycle adventure up in the Atlas Mountain.Staff were very friendly and helpful as we needed to leave some of our gear at the hotel for our return.

Carol A S Marietta 4 /5

Pros: Les Trois Palmiers has a soaring atrium, large rooms, comfortable beds, large dining area and a swimming pool. Our room was very clean, with two single beds, a desk, stool, two armchairs, small table, refrigerator, safe, TV and a small balcony. The bathroom had a shower (lots of hot water), toilet and sink with towels, soap, shampoo The breakfast buffet offered juices (3 types), cold cereal, yogurt, olives, mystery meat, salads, pastries, bread, butter, jam, honey, scrambled eggs (sometimes cold), crepes, cold potato chunks, tea & coffee. The hotel is near Avenue Mohammed V, where buses, taxis and a Carre Four supermarket are readily found. The little cafe next to the hotel (Snack Pizzirio Osmahi) offers good food at reasonable prices. Cons: The hotel is in a modern part of Marrakesh, a couple of miles from the medina and popular tourist sights. The staff was not as responsive as I would have liked about fixing a leaking toilet (we informed the front desk early morning on day 1, but it took 2 days to fix). Breakfasts were irregular, sometimes hot food was hot, and sometimes it was vaguely warm. Construction noise from a building adjacent to the hotel started at 8:00 in the morning.

london86 London 3 /5

My mum and I stayed at the Les Trois Palmiers in Gueliz for 2 nights in July 2018. Having spent 3 nights in the Medina we wanted a change of scene and different location that was accessible for different sights/activities.Arrival:Check-in was quick and efficient, if not overly helpful or friendly. Although we were several hours early our room was ready, which was a plus.Room:The room was very large and spacious, and clean. It was also well-equipped, with a dressing table and mirror, full-length mirror, luggage rack, large wardrobe, safe, and fridge. There was also a small balcony. The bed was large and comfortable and the AC was effective.The bathroom let it down a bit. There were some uneven and cracked tiles, and the toilet roll holder kept falling off the wall and wasn't fixed despite us leaving in pointedly next to the sink. The water pressure and temperature were good though.Communal areas:There is a lounge area, restaurant, and also a nice pool. I didn't actually end up using the pool but it appeared clean, was quiet, and there were always plenty of loungers available throughout the day.Breakfast:The breakfast was plentiful and pretty decent; items on offer included scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, a selection of cheeses, selection of breads and pastries, jams/honey. yoghurts and cereals, plus tea, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Lots of choice and it was kept replenished.Service:This was where it really fell down. The information in the room said taxis could be pre-booked, but we kept getting different answers at reception whenever we tried to do this. The Moroccans and French were favoured over other guests; while checking out (we had to get a pre-booked coach to Essaouira so were on a tight time scale) the receptionist starting dealing with a French family while in the middle of dealing with us, completely ignoring us; no apology was offered. We also noticed a similar thing happen to a group of male Brits when we were checking in.We were also overcharged for food and drinks we had had in the restaurant.Location:Good location in the middle of Gueliz. a 5 minute walk to the modern shopping centre, 20 mins to the coach station, 25 mins to the Jardin Marjorelle/YSL Museum.Summary:The rooms were decent and the pool is a plus, as few hotels in the city centre have them. But the poor service would put me off staying again.

todd2504 Sydney 5 /5

Good hotel, large room w 2 dble beds, lounge, armchairs and small balcony on high level. Breakfast was good also pool was nice. Supermarket down the road that sold alcohol. Need to get cab into medina but hop on hop off bus stop not far if you do that tour. We enjoyed our time there.

2013 Certifs

Περιοχή καταλύματος

Τι υπάρχει κοντά

  • Carre Eden Shopping Center 0,2 χλμ.
  • Marrakech Plaza 0,3 χλμ.
  • Πλατεία 16ης Νοεμβρίου 0,4 χλμ.
  • Royal Tennis Club de Marrakech 0,7 χλμ.
  • Cervantes Institut Marrakech 0,7 χλμ.
  • Βασιλικό Θέατρο 0,8 χλμ.
  • Κήποι Majorelle 0,9 χλμ.
  • Institute of Applied Technology and Tourism 1 χλμ.
  • Musee Yves Saint Laurent 1 χλμ.

Εστιατόρια & καφέ

  • TABLE DU MARCHE (Καφέ/μπαρ) 0,2 χλμ.
  • AL FASSIA (Εστιατόριο) 0,3 χλμ.

Κορυφαία αξιοθέατα

  • Cyber Park 1,6 χλμ.
  • Le Jardin Secret 2 χλμ.
  • Koutoubia 2 χλμ.
  • Musee de Mouassine 2,1 χλμ.
  • Souk Medina 2,2 χλμ.
  • Τζεμάα ελ Φνα 2,2 χλμ.
  • The Orientalist Museum of Marrakech 2,4 χλμ.
  • Musee Boucharouite 2,5 χλμ.
  • Κήπος της Μενάρα 2,6 χλμ.
  • Παλάτι Bahia 3,1 χλμ.


  • Lalla Takerkoust Lake (Λίμνη) 37 χλμ.

Δημόσιες συγκοινωνίες

  • Σταθμός υ Marrakesh (Τρένο) 1,1 χλμ.

Κοντινότερα αεροδρόμια

  • Αεροδρόμιο Μαρακές Menara 4,1 χλμ.


Hotel Les Trois Palmiers

18 Rue Loubnane, Gueliz, 40000 Μαρακές, Μαρόκο
Κινητό :  +212 65695826
Τηλέφωνο :  +212 529830404
Γεωγραφικό μήκος : -8.00987005
Γεωγραφικό πλάτος : 31.63527843
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